Meet Burnt Earth Designs

At Burnt Earth Designs we design, manufacture and install mosaics of the highest quality using our own handmade, hand-painted tiles. Our products are for individuals who like to live with colour, energy, passion and style.

We’re inspired to design by what’s around us, the rich colours and symbols of Africa, its vibrancy and wonderful informality – reflecting a multitude of influences and style – from the colours of the savannah plains and age old symbols of fertility and prosperity, to the diversity and dynamism of the 21st century with all of its modern lines and styles.

Each of our pieces are 100% hand crafted and that makes each piece we produce individual and unique. Burnt Earth Designs operates its own design studio, harnessing the natural creative minds of the African people to create tiles that will suit the styles and tastes of individuals the world over.

Still Life Burnt Earth


Premium Quality

Each tile is hand-made with meticulous attention to detail and quality standards to ensure excellent product standards.


Each tile is individually designed and hand painted by our specialist artisans,, and fired to earthenware temperatures making them durable for both wall and floor.


Our tiles are made from clay which is found abundantly in Zimbabwe.


Burnt Earth Designs offers an almost unlimited range of plain glazed and decorative tiles. These reflect a multitude of influences and styles.


Due to their handmade nature, no two tiles are the same – each has their own charm and quirks.

Made Locally

These tiles are almost completely made from Zimbabwe local materials…we only need to source the glaze regionally.

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Bathroom Tiles Burnt Earth

Burnt Earth Designs offers an almost unlimited range of plain glazed and decorative ceramic tiles.


Ceramics Burnt EArth

Truly a collector’s items our range of ceramics have been individually designed, hand painted in our studios and fired to make each piece unique to its owner.


Kitchen Mosaic Burnt Earth

The irresistible colours and abstractness of our mosaic design make every installation personal, charming and unique.