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Our Team

Behind the scenes at the Burnt Earth offices, we have a full team of dedicated and talented individuals who all play a huge part in creating our beautiful products. We have a design, management and installation team who work tirelessly to contribute to the expansion of Burnt Earth Designs worldwide. They are passionate and experienced and make our Proudly Zimbabwean tiles rare and unique, and it is thanks to this team that we can consistently produce the highest quality and most beautiful coloured tiles.

Colleen Burnt Earth Designs

Colleen Meyburgh

Founder 1970-2015

Colleen was a designer and artist by both intuition and training. Born in and raised in Zimbabwe, Colleen grew up with Africa in her blood. Colleen’s vision for Burnt Earth was always very clear; every tile, every mug, every platter was designed to bring that particular handmade soul and charm to the owner; a tangible and visual experience that would bring a sense of delight to all those who came into contact with it.

Since founding Burnt Earth in 1998, Colleen achieved recognition regionally and internationally, working on projects in Southern Africa, West Africa and Europe.

Burnt Earth Staff

Lee Sanderson


Lee graduated from BhC, School of Design in 2004 where she completed a three-year diploma in Interior Design. She returned to Zimbabwe shortly afterwards and started practicing interior design. Her robust approach to business and creative vision allowed Lee to build up a diverse client and supply base within the country and abroad.

Her unique love for eclectic design and colour brought her together with Colleen, the founder of Burnt Earth Designs, shortly after her return to the country where they worked together from time to time. Lees collaboration with Craig in 2013 allowed for a formidable design partnership which saw them take on the Burnt Earth Designs legacy early in 2015.

Burnt Earth Staff



Kim is born and bred Zimbabwean. She studied for her BCOM via correspondence through UNISA, South Africa. She has worked in Zimbabwe and Zambia in finance for the past 25 years.

Burnt Earth Designs has benefited and continues to benefit from these years of experience, as she assists it in taking the business to its full potential.

Burnt Earth Staff


Supervisor & Head Painter

Nyarai started his career on a farm in Chegutu where he worked for 10 years looking after the irrigation system for a crop of roses. It was there where colleen met him and recognised his enthusiasm and great work ethic and she asked him to come and work for her. Nyarai has been a part of the team for 17 years. He has a natural creative talent that is apparent in all he does. He supervises and teaches the other artisans all that he can and is a natural strong leader.

He loves everything about his job and is exceptionally talented. Nyarai is very happy to be at Burnt Earth and his home in now in Christon Bank where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

Burnt Earth Staff


Studio Manager

Natalie is the Studio Manager at Burnt Earth and is responsible for the day to running of The Studio, working closely with customers to ensure their needs are met and their satisfaction is ensured. She is also in communications with the factory throughout each day with regards to order placement, status and collection. The smooth running of operations across the board is her aim. Her position at Burnt Earth has also taught her so much about colour, design and creativity She loves seeing how a selection of tiles becomes the clients masterpiece.

Timothy Burnt Earth Designs


Head Potter

Having worked at Burnt Earth for 18 years Timothy is the longest standing employee of the company and one of three specialist potters in Zimbabwe. He started at a young age as an assistant working for his cousin in Chitungwiza where he mixed clay, did wedging, fitting md learnt how to use the wheel. After a short stint at Banika Pottery in Chegutu, he was snapped up by Colleen where she spotted his unique abilities and eye for making exceptional pottery

He is a specialist in his trade making him an invaluable member of the team. He’s passionate about what he does and through his job at Burnt Earth he looks after his family of five.

Burnt Earth Staff


Head Tile Maker & Kiln Operator

Alec is a specialist at Burnt Earth where he heads up the tile department, manages the production, firing and quality control of all your wall and floor products. He worked at Sitra Pottery where he gained invaluable knowledge and experience. Alec has worked at Burnt Earth for 10 years.

He is originally from Marondera and he enjoys his job a lot as he is able to look after his four children and three grandchildren.

Burnt Earth Staff


Head Mosaic Installer

Mechek has been part of the Burnt Earth team for 18years. He started out with Colleen and has been a key figure within the company since. Mechek is a very talented mosaic artist and installer. His smile is infectious and his work ethic is inspirational.

Mechek chooses to continue 2-3 hours every morning from his house in Christon Bank to enable him to walk his children to school. Burnt Earth wouldn’t be what it is today without his influence.

Burnt Earth Staff



Originally from Karoi, Joseph started his career in Hand made tiles at Sitra Pottery in Mefort where he worked for many years. He left more than ten years ago to start work with Burnt Earth and is an expert in cutting clay and preparing the tiles for glazing and firing.

Through his job he is able to put his four children through school all of whom live with him on the property. He loves everything about his job and enjoys working with his friends.

Burnt Earth Staff


General Assistant

Elias has been at Burnt Earth for eight years now and is an exceptionally hard worker helping the team sand, fill and smooth all of the Burnt Earth products. He was born deaf and therefore struggles to communicate. His constant smile and hardworking ethic makes him a valuable member of the team.

Burnt Earth Staff


Studio Assistant

Wonder started with Burnt Earth Designs four years ago and very quickly became part of our team. His position involved general help and assistance with property and garden maintenance as well as learning how to cut and sort tiles for various mosaics. In recent years, however, he has found himself busier with mosaic installations, in particular with our garden pots, and also learning from Timothy how to make all the necessary preparations with the clay for our ceramic creations and the processes which follow to reach the finished products.

Burnt Earth Staff



Innocent is originally from Kadoma and another expert in the manufacture of tiles. Like Alec and Joseph, and having gained many valuable years at Sitra Pottery before moving to Burnt Earth, he spends his days mixing clays and hand cutting tiles into various sizes and shapes on offer at Burnt Earth Designs.

He enjoys his job very much and knows it very well. Innocent says he feels like part of the family here and has been well looked after when he has needed help for his family needs.

Burnt Earth Staff



Abigail is a gifted painter and has been assisting Nyarai in the painting department for the last eight years. She has learned all she knows through her work experience at Burnt Earth and her attention to detail makes her a very important part of the team.

Abigail says that her job at Burnt Earth makes her feel good as she is able to put her nine-year-old daughter through school. She is originally from Christon Bank and got her job at Burnt Earth through her husband.

Burnt Earth Staff



Born in Marondera, and another long-standing member of Burnt Earth, Richard has mastered the art of decorative glazing over the last 15 years. He originally worked at Sitra Pottery in the painting and tile department and is now responsible for mixing all the glazes for the tiles and ceramics.

He says he enjoys everything about his job and wants to learn everything. It makes him feel happy that he can look after his wife and two daughters who are 15 and 21.

Burnt Earth Factory Staff
Burnt Earth Factory Staff
Burnt Earth Factory Staff
Burnt Earth Factory Staff
Burnt Earth Factory Staff
Burnt Earth Factory Staff